About us

       The Gamata Company was founded in 2002 as a limited liability company, engaged in the retail sale of fashion clothing. After a timid beginning with one Pardubice multibrand boutique the firm gained representation for Hilfiger Denim from the world famous clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger. In 2006, Gamata opened a boutique in the prominent Prague shoping centre Chodov. Two years later, the company acquired the entire franchise for the Tommy Hilfiger brand and opened a brand store in Vodičkova street in the centre of Prague, which became the first official Tommy Hilfiger boutique in the Czech Republic. After several years of succesful operation and in response to the movement of customers a flagship Tommy Hilfiger store was opened in at a new location, Chodov. In its neighbourhood we managed to get small business space in which we began to offer a young Italian brand Fornarina. In 2012 we opened a multi-brand boutique Denim Store in the shopping centre Gallery Harfa Prague, where we offer brend Hilfiger Denim, Fornarina and MET, which is another Italian brand with a young progressive fashion. At the same time, this location became a base for our online Fashion Outlet Store, which offers discounted goods from past collections. Our latest acquisition is the first original MET Store in Czech Republic, in Prague’s OC Chodov. In each of these shops you can find a wide variety of fashion apparel and friendly professional staff.